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Helping to bring sunshine into the lives of needy children.
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Current Appeals

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of donors we continue to make grants enabling us to help children and their families, whether it be for day trips, medical equipment, respite, hospital travel, or sadly making children's remaining time as comfortable as possible, to include where achievable, children's last wishes.

Funds raised from this appeal will help us to continue the work we have started. The following is just a sample of the requests we have received for which we need to raise funds for over the next few months. Should you wish your donation to go to a specific child or cause please advise us.


Thomas & Harry DOB 21.05.14

Thomas and Harry are twin boys both who have had serious health issues including major surgeries.

Thomas was born with bilateral fibular hemimelia of both legs (which is a congenital malformation of the lower leg bone) which led to the amputation of both legs at 12 months old.

Harry has short gut syndrome (which has led to him having a large amount of his bowel being removed).
Double Aortic Arch (abnormal formation of the aorta) and global developmental delay.

The family have had a really hard time since the birth of the twins and Mum has had to give up her job as a senior nurse to care for them, they also have an older brother (5) who has had a lot to deal with because of the high care needs of the twins. We have received a request for car seats that swivel; these were recommended by their Doctor and social worker.

These would help especially with Thomas as it is awkward with his prosthetic legs getting him in and out of the car, these seats would also benefit mum as she has a frozen shoulder.


Lewis DOB 08.04.09

Lewis has a diagnosis of ADHD and Tourette’s syndrome and requires daily medication. He also struggles with fine & gross motor skills.

Lewis’s family and head teacher have requested help with funding for a laptop to enable Lewis to complete his homework and also have access to the various educational online resources that his school have recommended.


Dexter DOB 06.01.11

Autism, for him this means that he does not speak, is extremely sensory seeking and needs full care day & night. He has no sense of danger and his behaviour can be challenging. For Dexter, toys that he enjoys and that can be used to gain his attention are a necessity.

His Occupational therapist has recommended a bubble tube which she feels would fulfil his needs.


Holiday Homes

We are just starting our seventh season of providing holidays in our two homes for children that are either receiving medical treatment, recuperating from treatment or in some cases for crisis breaks.

We are pleased that yet again we were at maximum occupancy for the whole of last season.

Each year we need to refurbish the homes to ensure they are up to standard for the start of each new season and the ground rent/fees are also due each year.